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Merits of Getting a Labrador Retriever

Whether you are alone or with your family, a Labrador is one of the best pets you can ever get. There are a lot of dog breeds you can pick from but if you have a chance of getting a Labrador retriever then you should go ahead and do exactly that. Because they do not need constant grooming, you will find it quite affordable to maintain. Anyone who wants easy-going dogs should go for Labs. Grooming is to be done occasionally and you will have ample time to plan for the visit and save up for it. Even so, you should not skip on the occasional bath or brushing their fur. This isn’t too much work compared to what you will have to do if you pick another breed. They are always down to help and you will love them for this. This is why they make such great search-and-rescue dogs and also guide dogs.

These dogs can be trained to become therapy dogs too. Given the ease of training the Labs, you should not have a problem. Also, their outstanding performance in search and rescue is due to the fact that they are eager to please. Blind people can move around safely with the guide of Labs which is a great plus too. If the Labrador will be interacting with kids, ensure the training process involves techniques that will let it know that playing rough is not desirable. For families with small kids, ensuring no harm comes to the young ones is a priority. Labradors can grow to big dogs which is why you do not want them to hurt the kids even unintentionally. Labs are not only used in rescue missions involving humans but also animals like ducks, rabbits, and even grouse. The first instinct for a dog is to bite into flesh but it is not the case for Labs. They can control their jaw muscles pretty early and they can be trained to retrieve or play without having to bite down.

Labs will not just charm you with their adventurous personality but also how playful they are. Even when they are around new people, they will be friendly. When visitors come to your home you will see the Labs running to welcome them. Wherever they go they always make a point to interact with others. In the event that you are having people over for a cookout or a social gathering, the Labs will keep them entertained. They are loved for their endearing nature.

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