Memory Foam Mattresses Made in the US

Products made in the US are few and far between. More manufacturers are leaving the country and bringing job over the border or overseas. Costs, tariffs, materials, and staffing expenses are often cheaper than they are here. Memory foam mattresses appear to be the exception. Most new companies, such as Novaform Comfort, are manufacturing mattresses right here in the country.

E commerce

The fact that most people shop online for what they want and need is an advantage for start-up companies. Owners do not have to amass huge fortunes from investors. They can introduce one mattress at a time, which lowers the costs and risks of conducting business in physical stores. A unique idea or approach to making a modern memory foam mattress can be introduced without owners needing to produce several different options.


One of the reasons for this is the ability to keep overhead costs low. The majority of newer memory foam mattresses are only available online. The companies do not maintain showrooms, require no fleets to deliver merchandise to physical retail stores, and focus staffing budgets on employees that make the mattresses instead of people to sell them. Mattresses are shipped via the United States Postal Service or private parcel carriers.


The demand for better mattresses at affordable pricing is driving unique advances in technology. Early upgrades solved the problem of building heat coming off the mattresses at night time. The solutions for that include gel foam, dry and comfortable mattress covers at the top layer, and air pockets in upper layers. A combination of foams with varying densities are commonly used for strength, durability, and improved motion isolation.

Gathering Information

Manufacturer websites are excellent sources of information regarding materials and technology but are geared toward selling their products only. Comparing different mattresses in the same price range and learning about new options can be done on blog sites dedicated to mattresses. Take a minute to discover the criteria for rating on each site. One site, for example, only considers reviews from customers who have slept on a mattress for two weeks or more. People browsing for a new mattress do not have to read my comment or take the word of brand new mattress owners.